I’m thankful it’s over!!

Thanksgiving! Yes – wonderful food galore, but man did it wreak havoc on my body. The good thing about Thanksgiving is that I spent all day cooking (that’s a lot of calories burned). I got up at 9am and hit the kitchen prepping everything (by hand – chopping, mixing, peeling, washing). Dinner was finally served at 6pm. That’s a full day at work! Let me put it this way: it’s about 1,200 calories burned! I felt I didn’t have to skimp on the stuffing or the dessert as a result. Speaking of dessert, there were 3 pies: chocolate pecan, pumpkin, and for my mother’s birthday a caramel apple pie cheesecake (it tasted as good as it sounds – Paula Deen is amazing). Some photos? Mais oui:

Caramel apple pie cheesecake and chocolate pecan pies! Will post recipes soon.

Delicious creamy pumpkin pie out of the oven!

Brussel sprouts - mandolined thin and softened by stir frying with chopped pecans and a bit of butter. Then tossed with chopped dry cranberries. Yum.

Turkey browned by the brine and then washed/scalded and pat dry. The aromatics consisted of one thinly sliced apple, half a sliced onion, water, cinnamon, 3 sprigs rosemary, and 5 sage leaves mixed together, microwaved and poured into turkey cavity. Delicious smell. (Recipe by Alton Brown; amazing moist turkey!)

Everything on the table - I couldn't find the rope to tie turkey legs together so my turkey was a bit indecent toward the cranberries and the brussel sprouts.

It looked more amazing. There was no room for decoration on the table unfortunately. I could hardly fit all the food.

Sweet potatoes drizzled with olive oil and honey, pecan pie, and green beans tossed with bread crumbs & butter..

I STILL felt full the next day (wonderful Black Friday). My cat joined me in lazying around on the couch:

Shango nap.


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