Colorful & frugal Black Friday deals make me want colorful cookies



These are the lovelies I’m currently experimenting recipe with. I’m in the process of trying to get perfect QUICK Christmas cookies: colorful, fun, gooey and delicious. Obviously there’s no color in these yet, just bear with me. šŸ™‚ I promise they’re DELICIOUS. Walnuts and dark chocolateĀ – can’t go wrong.

Now that we know what I’m up to in the baking world, my whimsy in the frugal world is Black Friday this weekend, for all the obvious reasons. I don’t usually shop on Black Friday, but I just happened to go to CVS last night to grab some Quaker Oats (deliciously mixed with a bit of honey and chopped walnuts!). This is what I ended up coming back with (grand total: $15.96; savings: $47.06):

CVS Loot

NUTS right?? Well, if you have an Extra Care card head on over to the local CVS because I think the deals last until today (you might want to double-check, never hurts)! What I basically did after wandering around the aisles with my Quaker Oats is pick up the things that were labeled ‘FREE’ after extra bucks rewards. Then I did 4 separate transactions and used the extra bucks coupons to shop for the rest of the stuff. Specifically, this was my breakdown:

Transaction #1:

GM Cinnamon Toast Crunch – 2.87 (sale: saved .72)

FiberOne Brownies – 3.99 (sale: saved .60)

Kleenex Cool Touch – 1.50 (sale: saved 1.07)

Cepacol Sore Throat – 4.99 (sale: saved .50)

TOTAL (w/ NY tax): 13.48

EXTRA BUCKS from Transaction #1 (comes as 2 separate coupons at end of receipt)

FiberOne Brownies: 3.99 EB

Cepacol Sore Throat: 4.99 EB

GM Cinnamon Toast Crunch: 2.00 EB

Kleenex Cool Touch: 1.50 EB

Transaction #2:

Balance bar Cookie dough – 1.69 (sale: saved .50)

Colgate Max Foam toothpaste – 2.87 (sale: saved .62)

Colgate Max White toothpaste – 2.87 (sale: saved .82)

Advil PM 4-ct – .99

Theraflu daytime 1-ct – .99


-3.99 (from FiberOne Brownies)

-4.99 (from Cepacol Sore Throat)

Total (w/NY tax): .94

Extra Bucks from Transaction #2

Colgate toothpaste x2: 5.74 EB

Advil PM: .99 EB

Balance bar: 1.69 EB

Theraflu daytime: .99EB

Transaction #3:

Listerine pocket strips 72 ct: 2.99 (sale: saved 1.50)

Listerine pocket strips 72 ct: 2.99 (sale: saved 1.50)

Softlips Cherry lip balm: 2.00 (sale: saved 1.19)

Carmex lip balm: 1.00 (sale: saved .99)

GUM 2-ct toothbrush: 2.99 (sale: saved 1.20)


-5.74 (from Colgate toothpaste x2)

-2.00 (from Cinnamon Toast Crunch)

-1.50 (from Kleenex Cool Touch)

-.99 (from Advil PM)

-1.69 (from Balance bar)

Total (w/ NY tax): .85

Extra bucks from transaction #3:

Listerine pocket strips x2: 5.98

GUM 2-ct toothbrushes: 2.99

Softlips cherry lip balm: 2.00

Carmex lip balm: 1.00

Transaction #4 (NOTE: This is basically the stuff I WANTED; You can replace these items with ones matching up 12.96 value OR leave it at transaction 3 until next time when you can use the 12.96 EB for something else. Your choice)

Healthy Hoof Nail & Cuticle cream (best thing ever for nails): 4.79

Jello: 1.19

Jello: 1.19

Quaker Quick Oats (finally!!): 3.79

Pepsi: 1.99

Pepsi: FREE (Buy one get one free)


-5.98 (from Listerine pocket strips x2)

-2.99 (from GUM 2-ct toothbrushes)

-2.00 (from Softlips lip balm)

-1.00 (from Carmex lip balm)

-.99 (from Theraflu)

Total (w/ NY tax): .69

Phew, done! If you’re silly like me and your CVS has a self checkout kiosk, I’d opt for that . It makes me feel less rushed. I had time to organize all coupons between each transaction without someone hovering in back of me rolling their eyes at my frugalness..joke’s on them anyway because you’ll be walking away with 4 bags worth of stuff for $15 (hey, the holidays ARE coming up!)